Artist: Marconi Union
Album: A Lost Connection

Released: July 2008
Label: MU Transmissions

A Lost Connection
Marconi Union (the duo of Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley) exists at the intersection of post-rock and ambient music. As with all border dwellers, they are susceptible to the many interesting ideas that wander by their front door. A Lost Connection (45'02") is their third release. Using electronic percussion, electric piano, string ensemble, synth, sampler, and some very eloquent guitar playing and processing Marconi Union rises above stock ideas. Lineal and open, the seven compositions migrate between the gently harmonious and atmospheric to the panoramic dark chill of a digital plain. The most essential aspect of this airtight production are the lyrical lead-lines that narrate each piece. Melodic lines, not isolated notes, carefully craft noir themes of haunted beauty, and a lovely darkness works its way into each track. But A Lost Connection transcends its talking points - as Marconi Union presents the world in a way we had not considered before.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   31 July 2008

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