Artist: Under the Dome
Album: Almagest

Released: 25 July 2020
Label: self-released

Almagest Under the Dome
We should be amazed at where Under the Dome can take us in merely a few moments. The beautiful aural verve of the release Almagest (69'34") captures familiar feelings in ways we did not know were possible. Drawing the ear into untold depths Grant Middleton and Colin Anderson have realized ten tracks of contrasting sonic intensities and variations in mood. From bright kinetic landscapes down to tenebrous hollows of introspection, then upward amidst a celestial realm, their spirited synthetic forms seem to take up a physical location. From an impressive range of well-crafted textures smart sequencer patterns emerge, skip and trip through captivating story cycles. The repeating rhythms bring security, just as the melodic invention makes us feel free. While echoing electronic tones expand beneath Middleton's heroic keyboard lines, Anderson's electric guitar runs ring through the backbone of night. Advancing outward, sonorant leads, consonant harmonies and glittering effects peak, then suddenly morph into introspective vignettes of emotional power. Further in, Almagest provides Mellotron String chord progressions, slow ethereal choirs, swelling drones, and sparkling spacey modulations to bestow a wondrous cosmic atmosphere - until the energy dissipates in a digital deep cloud of spacious reverb. Made using machines, this music is meant to make us feel more human. Smooth power will leave its mark quietly - shining brightly in the most solemn moments. Between the focused, forceful, high-sheen potency, and simple stripped-down space-craft, Almagest's every track meets the vivid twists and turns of the listener's imagination. Instantly accessible, this work will seem familiar to aficionados of the later Berlin-School, yet cannot be traced back to any one source, as it is always following its own interesting path. Almagest is a friendly work, aligning equally with the Minimalism of Spacemusic and the gloss of New Age. A bracing expedition among a treasure-house of stars, it projects a sense of wonder with every note.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   6 August 2020

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