Artist: Alluste
Album: Aludra

Released: 23 February 2020
Label: self-released

Piero Monachello hears voices, synthesizer voices. Under the name Alluste he realizes a vivid Electronic Music that reaches a place within us where spoken words do not. Noting that Spacemusic is the only language able to contain his creative aspirations, the album Aludra (70'57") presents 10 tracks of incremental complexity. Quite comfortable to take in, it provides a soundtrack to new electronic destinations - and the wonderful realm outside of everything else. Aldura spends its tight, polished energy in climactic chords expanding above an arpeggio of fluttering notes - swirling together in a circulation of synthetic sound. While shifting sequencer patterns run through a series of imaginative progressions, heart-felt lead lines unfurl in a rising ribbon of melody. As if upon the workings of some powerful engine layers of bounding electro-blips thicken and brighten in echoing syncopation. The direction of the melody is forward, with every blissful resolution pointing to the bright future this work promises - and the optimism that is its most potent feature. Listeners to Aludra should know that they are going into a realm that is different from that of the everyday. As we enter this world of our own making we must trust ourselves with this music, and our ability to make something interesting, something worthwhile, something comforting, something better than where we are now.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 April 2020

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