Artist: Dieter Ettlinger
Album: Ambient Intelligence

Label: n/l

Ambient Intelligence
Dieter Ettlinger (a.k.a. Peter Challoner) is an electronic musician exploring the deep space of the synthesizer. His fresh insight into the ubiquitous and transparent nature of digital sonic environments elevates his output above cliche, building on the work it is emulating rather than mimicking it. Ambient Intelligence (63'28") is an album of music with many strands; each part needing to be heard individually in the context of the greater composition to be fully comprehended. The album's three lengthy realizations are ruled by a compositional logic of layer upon layer of arppegiated diatonic triads and tetrads and seemingly never ending entrances and introductions of subdivided rhythms - each part with little identity outside the multitude of interconnected embedded pulsations. Dieter Ettlinger paces his work well. The pieces seem in constant transition. The simplistic rhythmic initiation of each track climbs with deliberation into the rigorous pace of a free-wheeling structure - the heated underpinnings of an anchoring bass and muscular pulse cooled by choirs of ethereal synth voices. With increasing levels of intricacy, building in volume and density, Dieter Ettlinger draws the listener into his world completely; held in a true "electronic moment" and experiencing his invisible realm of complex ideas. This trip to deep space is symbolic of the psychic journey inward, and Ambient Intelligence is successful in its ability to transport. Yet so often do we humans look to music and art for that which we can not find within ourselves.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 September 2003