Artist: Rudy Adrian
Album: Atmospheres

Released: 11 March 2014
Label: Spotted Peccary

Atmospheres Rudy Adrian
Although Jonn Serrie, Michael Stearns and Iasos have well explored the territory of Spacemusic, it is good to find Rudy Adrian out there paying a visit from time to time too. Looking ever outward his CD Atmospheres (59'22") moves at lower velocities as the music amiably drifts and lingers. There is not a chord, melody or inflection that does not pull at the heart or make it soar. Impeccably rendered lush harmonics provide sheer enchantment while slow melodic synthesizer lines open onto the horizon with a searching quality. Each of the nine tracks patiently reveals itself, building on consonant drones, spare ringing notes and shimmering atmospheric effects. Absent any motion gained through sequencer pulsation Adrian directs his attention toward producing sounds of interesting timbre and moods warmer, more comforting, and less questioning. Atmospheres, without being minimal, will slow the listening mind. It will engage our thoughts without being overly musical - and transport without us ever leaving our seats. Rudy Adrian puts his whole spirit into his music. From the meaning of The Cosmos to calming the soul's disquiet, this music may feed a hungry mind and fill a deserted heart.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 March 2014

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