Artist: Jalan Jalan
Album: Bali

Label: Pacific Moon

In recent time combining modern electronic synthesizers with traditional native instruments has been irresistible to many contemporary artists. Whether using a programable electronic keyboard to emulate the timbre of a mallet instrument or altering the sound of a flute through sonic manipulation the atmosphere of far-flung, exotic, non-western cultures and places is conveyed to the listener on many of today's electronic and new age releases.

An excellent example of this style is the CD Bali by Jalan Jalan. The ensemble's approach to their ethno-electronic sound includes the beautiful sound of the traditional instruments of Bali, coexisting harmoniously with synth pads and melodies. The listening experience is made even more engaging by the environmental recordings placed subtly beneath age old ethnic melodies. Bali is a release not meant to challenge, nor to transport; it does however bring to the listener a tiny glimpse of the rice paddies, terraced fields and misty mountains of beautiful Bali.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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