Artist: Max Richter
Album: The Blue Notebooks

Released: 26 February 2004
Label: 130701

The Blue Notebooks
Max Richter is composing music that has extended beyond the category of Classical. On The Blue Notebooks (40'36"), a pianist as well as an ensemble of stringed instruments and musicians carry out the compositions in chamber music mode. Behind the alternating troupe and solo passages, Richter has skillfully integrated electronic pulses, field recordings, spoken word and evocative ambient-scapes in a way that connects the synthesized and the acoustic parts into a wonderful musical union. The 11 genre-bending compositions are at times thought provoking while elsewhere mind clearing. Ranging in colour and mood, from the dreamy and textured to the idyllic and sentimental as well as pieces which explore the more adventurous aspects of atmospheric music, Richter's is an Ambient Music that asks to be heard.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   1 September 2005

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