Artist: Lammergeyer
Album: Borders and Barrens

Released: 5 September 2005
Label: dataObscura

dataObscuraBorders and Barrens
On Borders and Barrens (56'17"), Lammergeyer is working without much in the way of rhythm. This work often contains a pulse, but no apparent beat to carry it along. Instead, the pieces are advanced by a uniquely designed torrent of sound. Each brief and well-conceived track is captivating as multiple layers of sound, moving at different rates, rush into the listening space. The layers ebb and flow and new tones eventually overlap and replace the core. A great sense of space is achieved when the strong harmonic currents dwindle down to a trickle. Although the impressionistic Ambient works on Borders and Barrens offer little in the way of overt audible cues to determine their inspiration or meaning, the listener is left with a distinctive sense of the natural world. Far from being categorized as an "environmental" album, this work somehow manages to conjure up a sense of the majestic macrocosm of the wilderness regions of our planet. Maybe it's the traces of pastoral melodies or the pumping pressure of the shifting atmosphere that places the listener at the center of the verdant sonic sphere. Gloomier tracks possess an ominous undercurrent as they visit a less friendly outland of conflicting overtones and darkening climate. It is this fluctuating range of experiences that engages the nocturnal wilds of the submerged mind.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 September 2005

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