Artist: Oophoi + Tau Ceti
Album: Celestial Geometries

Label: Arya

Celestial Geometries
The central experience of Celestial Geometries is provided by the listener. The minimal droning soundscapes edge your thoughts in certain directions, but never betray the artist's full intentions. Your mind will fill in what it needs. As in the truest forms of Ambient music, the musicians have successfully removed any sense of self from the music even to the extent of leaving their true names out of the project. Going by Oophoi and Tau Ceti, the two collaborated live on Celestial Geometries and have realized an enigmatic and deep album of slow dynamics, ceremonial intensity and methodical pacing. Synth pads grow, thicken and gentley shift, a creature calls from the distance through a mist of reverb and echo, harmonics alternately become dense then fall away to a shiny smooth ribbon of sound. This album does not lead, but stays right with us as we navigate a way through whatever scenario the composition brings out: exploring the surface of some distant dead planet, or as the title implies, traversing some great distance in the vacum of space. But more likely the music will lead us to its point of origin, that inner place of somber peace that is the human mind.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 May 2001