Artist: Con_Sense
Album: Code Sent

Released: May 2009
Label: Databloem

Code Sent
Clear meanings are nowhere to be found on Code Sent (65'44"). A work that is equally experimental and accessible the electronica artist Con_Sense artfully balances trippy rhythms with formal experimentation - all woven into a dense suite-like construction. This album's unique identity is forged using pulse patterns, electro-ethno rhythms and an elegant symmetry. Contrasts in mood and the occasional surprise dropout add to the electronic euphoria. Stretching and twisting sampled material gives some sections a granular sound while elsewhere shimmering effects expand over a muted synthesized thrum. Code Sent traverses an interesting range of sonic landscapes. From heart quickening beats to elusive harmonic states the minimalistic underpinnings of this work convert the listener into a traveler.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 July 2009

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