Artist: Spacecraft
Album: Cybersphere

Label: Space For Music

On their album Cybersphere, Spacecraft continues their exploration of the vast uncharted territory of spacemusic. Syncopated electronic blips interlock beneath thick buzzy lead lines. Deep guitar plucks and slides reverberate and intertwine with a rising human voice. Synth pads and modulated effects descend into darkness through to light. In Spacecraft's music we hear the singing of the planets, the unity of the universe, a quality of clarity and transparency as we are transported out to infinite space and returning - in stark contrast alone and unteathered, a victim of the chill of electronics. Cybersphere connects well with great sonic character as well as ample cerebral content, measurable not in megabytes but in the human response. Cybersphere is a distinctive and complex collage of classic themes rendered in original and unforgettable ways.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 May 2001

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