Artist: Sinepearl
Album: Cycles Within Cycles Within

Released: 11 February 2014
Label: Interchill

Cycles Within Cycles Within Bjorn Kegeren
After exploring the outer reaches of the aural universe it is quite good to spend some time within the more Earthen space provided by the works of Sinepearl. Björn Kegren records under this name and while his Cycles Within Cycles Within (76'31") is not overtly an environmental themed album it does provide a wonderfully terran experience. Cycles Within Cycles Within incorporates influences from the Ambient works of Steve Hillage, Ishq and Ralph Lundsten and like these more well known icons is instantly likeable. The musical ideas reveal themselves slowly, as the listening mind adjusts to the unique sound space. The hearer must disentangle the complexity of this work and discover the wonders of the natural world through Kergren's psyche. One of the great travelers of the mind his voyage unfolds through space. The openness of this album leaves room for hope. Each of the eight tracks possesses their own distinctive atmosphere, which is greatly helped through the mixing in of pristine nature recordings. An unpolluted and nourishing feeling may be gleaned from each. Expanding and flowing through these pieces are synthesizer pads, drones and flourishes. Sinepearl shows a remarkable ability to generate emotion and drama from deceptively simple forms. Glimmering harmonies sustain and slowly shift to a complimentary color of tone as luminous sounds register slightly before they are perceived. Moving away from an inward grace and the tenderness of silent minds, paced throughout Cycles Within Cycles Within Sinepearl heats up his beat machine. The drums lope and skulk, sputtering with offbeats, then move off into the depths - and the special magic held there. In between are pulsing bass, slowly throbbing beneath icy chords and improvised keyboarding, which yield pleasant pastoral scenes. Sinepearl may want to live a quite life in the country yet as evidenced on Cycles Within Cycles Within he keeps an exciting life of the mind. This CD really lights up our neural pathways with the high horizons of the spirit. It all happens inside your head.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 June 2014

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