Artist: Dave Fulton
Album: The Defective AI

Label: Jealous Butcher
Released: 15 July 2019

The Defective AI Dave Fulton
On The Defective AI (38'30") Dave Fulton's dreamy headspaces and propulsive motorik rhythms are presented as equal forces. This album's mood runs from an introverted experimentation to a pulsating, progressive, propulsive drive. Proudly descending from the Krautrock order, Fulton enhances its specific themes, as well as Spacemusic's more expansive ideas, into new sparks of adventure. The energy ramps up, then winds down in dramatic cycles, as Fulton conducts his synthetic forces. Listeners to The Defective AI will find a few abrupt dynamic shifts - from pressure-less atmospheres of free falling tones and mostly ghostly electronics, to seething stretches of distinct musical texture and an insinuation of rock-drumming. An intense declaration may be heard in heroic lead lines, phasing tone clusters, rising sequencer runs and electo-percussive riffs - all meant to quicken and deepen the music. Amidst such bold statements are also passages of delicate electronic textures. Creating an area of spaciousness in which the listener gently drifts, Fulton builds his next musical trajectory. This intricately designed work aspires to be more than merely music lost in space, it reflects a passion for all things forward-looking. At its inception, the then new genre of Kosmische Musik promised us tomorrow. Many decades on we find innovative musicians still shaping this field with a combination of intellectual rigor and emotional focus. The Defective AI seems to be building something, hopefully a map, inside our heads - as we again set our sights and hopes on days yet to come.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 July 2019

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