Artist: K Leimer
Album: Degraded Certainties

Released: 11 June 2010
Label: Palace of Lights

Degraded Certainties
Whenever K Leimer sets his thoughts to music, the true topic is the passage of time. His CD Degraded Certainties (72'10") engages and maintains curiosity even without ever quite reaching a traditional resolution. Employing concepts from Minimalism and Ambient Music, Leimer realizes six original pieces that align with the part of the mind where dreams originate. Each track on Degraded Certainties manipulates texture and recurring forms to create a unique mood. The subtle use of digital distortion seems a coded commentary, implying a slowly decaying world - yet Leimer ingeniously transforms this raw material into graceful cyber based chamber music. Layers of slowly churning tones build in a thickening air while further in this atmosphere disintegrates above a delicate piano piece. From obscure undulating soundscapes to ringing metallic timbres this album is ever the interplay of contrasts. As much as Leimer covers new material from one release to the next, his voice is surprisingly consistent - not only in the structure and integrity but also in the elegant and cerebral tranquility of each album. Leimer thinks of his audience as more than mindless consumers of data. He is always out ahead of us - showing us his future vision of Ambient Music.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 July 2010

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