Album: Descending Into Crevasse

Released: 9 May 2012
Label: Glacial Movements

Descending Into Crevasse
On the CD Descending Into Crevasse (52'47") centuries may pass in the span of mere moments. Realizing music under the name, Lino Monaco and Nicola Buono create aural constructions whose landscapes are interior, meditative and psychological. Reacting to the external world by exploring the internal one this duo offers six dreamy tracks worth staying awake for. At their slowest the surreal atmospheres found on Descending Into Crevasse churn and scrape in random expressions of cold abstract composition. But the mood may brighten, like light through ice, with synth strings, hollow drone and a languid repeating bass line as the luminous pieces unfold in layered mysteries - weaving between unique zones of light and dark. This work also holds a bracing sonic intensity. With its brooding synthetic inventions Monaco and Buono put into motion a lot of functioning parts - and leave it to the imagination of the listener to hold them together in a mental aural collage. Descending Into Crevasse feels sunk in a dreamlike realm. The music aligns well with pleasant reverie, while in other places it may seem more like a symbolization of some sight or experience perpetually trapped in the mind.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 June 2012

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