Artist: Manuel Gottsching
Album: Die Mulde

Released: 11 November 2005
Label: MG ART

Die Mulde
When Manuel Gottsching releases an album, he asks of his fans many things. While devotees look for references to classic works, Gottsching asks us to look ahead to new revelations. On Die Mulde (72'23") both expectations are met. The first four tracks cover the movements of the title piece. "Die Mulde" (40'07") slowly builds from slow and spacey into warm shifting pads. Layers of electronic rhythms gradually rise and engage with the motion of synthesizer chords. The music cycles through a striking progression of contrasting and resolving chords and harmonies until fading off into the distance. With the track "hp little cry" (32'16") the mood and outlook of the album turns toward a more serene eloquence. Made up of sustaining synth drones and clean electric guitar soloing, Gottsching demonstrates a mastery of simple forms and subtle effects. The guitar lines are conversant, with a sense of drama and direction. The piece's pliant tone and stark intimacy provide a quiet elegance. One wonders why Gottsching waited until this stage of his life's work to create this music. He certainly had the virtuosity to play it all along, but perhaps not the perspective. This piece reveals the touch of the player, but also the heart of the man.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 January 2006

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