Artist: K Markov
Album: Dimension Warp

Released: 1 October 2020
Label: self-released

Dimension Warp
With Dimension Warp (63'56") K Markov again shares his journey through space. Showing us what it is like out there on the astral plane he reminds us of the origins of the Berlin-School while helping to write its next chapter. The three rich and studied electronic compositions strike at the core of human existence, and aspire to bring out feelings of vastness, possibility and potential in its listeners - in a way that no other art can. Swirling in a circulation of synthetic sound the arc of each track extends secretly through absorbing fields of sculpted textures and glowing atmospheres. With its stretches of building harmonies and measured melodies, the energy level lifts, drifts and slips in a freedom known only to those experienced at traveling in place. The experience deepens as languid sequencer patterns emerge, establish, echo and energize, then resolve and recede into a quiet sense of mystery. These entrancing cyclical motifs and subtle synth solos unwind in your mind. Surging and cresting, then shifting and drifting, every starry resolution points to the bright future this work promises. The power, potential and precision of Markov's sonic fortitude conjures some cosmic terrain, as his assuredness of tone and theme seems to lift our faces to the heavens. Through the sheer manipulation of sound practitioners in this style realize expressions of a substance different from that of any other form of music. The best of these works reach a place within us where spoken words do not. Dimension Warp is a fine example of combining the forward-thinking ambitions of sonic innovation and emotional complexity. Every minute is well spent.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 October 2020

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