Artist: Elve
Album: Emerald

Released: 10 August 2010
Label: Virtual World

Emerald Matt Hillier
Elve is yet another musical incarnation of Matt Hillier. Also known as Ishq, Ishvara and Indigo Egg, Hillier's work as Elve is decidedly more towards the Ambient, yet keeps it author's signature Earthen atmosphere. More than an album of environmental field recordings under stacks of synthesizers, Emerald (64'35") uses the natural sounds of woodlands as a textural element to be mingled creatively with electronic tones, swirling modulations and gently sweeping harmonies. The result is a work that creates a sensory experience of being deep within a surreal living forest - a place powered by the electrical current of the mind. With the constant texture of nature expanding and shifting throughout a soundfield of buzzing electronics, smooth breathing drones, stretched bells and mellow keys, Emerald fades into the listener's state - providing a profound soundscape full of natural and synthetic detail, or just as easily a barely perceptible Ambient dreamscape. At either level, the perpetual place conjured up by Emerald welcomes new inhabitants to its cathedral of aural wilderness.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 August 2010

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