Artist: Exuviae
Album: Echoes In The Emptiness

Label: Green House

Echoes In The Emptiness   Exuviae

As do painters utilize geometry to communicate space, so musicians use the drone. On Echoes In The Emptiness, Exuviae removes all self from the pieces to realize a truely ambient sound design. Relying almost exclusively on harmony, timbre and atmosphere, Exuviae creates music that is somewhat static in nature and with any great changes having to do with the listener's perception of time and place. With no beginning, middle or ending the listener may enter at any given point and still properly experience a piece. Like observing the play of sunlight on water, the seeming chaos of subatomic particles or the turbulant great red spot of Jupiter, Echoes In The Emptiness never grows tiresome. With each listening a new element of music and self may be discerned.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   06.21.00

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