Artist: loscil
Album: Endless Falls

Released: February 2010
Label: Kranky

Endless Falls loscil
On earlier albums loscil (Scott Morgan) was heard deconstructing modern music. On Endless Falls (62'00") he seems to be disassembling it. Reducing his music a few steps closer to its basic form, the nine tracks of his fifth CD seem to be in a slower tempo and with fewer elements. Creating a mood you want to be in Endless Falls moves wonderfully between atmospheric atonality and the gently harmonious . Through a unique combination of minimalism, industrial and ambient music loscil continues to realize compelling work. While on one piece the iron tones of rounded synthesized sound churn slowly beneath a pair of warm violins, in another an icy ringing brightness is soon covered over with grainy, granular textures. Murmuring drones yield pulsing rhythms and engaging patterns in a machine-like yet heart throbbing pace. The clicking, ticking metric modulations seem imagistically rhyming with laboring machinery in a sonic approximation of industry and technology. Fragments of past works are present here but enshrouded in a digital cloud. If the pieces on Endless Falls give a dreamy or muted impression, it is because loscil has taken this quietly complex music back to a simpler form in order to go further.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 April 2010

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