Artist: Solar Fields
Album: Extended

Released: November 2005
Label: Ultimae

Solar Fields is constantly reassessing his relationship with the Electronic Music of the past. His album Extended (79'59") seeks to remake Spacemusic in a more modern context. Rather than simply referencing the cold interstellar soundscapes of the classics, Solar Fields creates a unique sonic environment of serene beauty. His additions to the genre retain the expansive nature of what has survived and makes for an embracing vision of a present constantly slipping into the past. The energy level of this album ranges from slowly shifting harmonic forms across a lush otherworldly panorama to warm, round skipping rhythms which rise and fall in tempo and intensity above and below the bordering domain of dance music. For a deep chill album, Extended is quite warm and embracing. Were this album to materialize into a place one could walk through, it would be a green and growing twilight paradise.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 November 2005

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