Artist: K Leimer
Album: A Figure of Loss

Released: 24 April 2020
Label: Palace of Lights

A Figure of Loss
Even after a decades long presence on the independent scene we still wonder who is this K Leimer? A Figure of Loss (66'25") only adds to the enigma. An album meant, not for the mainstream but, for the listeners of the world, it deserves more than a schematic explanation. Teeming with a variety of harmonic tensions, shades and hues this work presents a profound and intimate sonic statement - as amidst all the shouting it is often the quiet voices which provide the most valuable lessons. From abstraction to a fleeting consonance A Figure of Loss is so exquisitely balanced that one scarcely notices its separate elements. Inhabiting the gentle gravity of Ambient Chamber Music it is performed in a measured motion - and may be approached by first noting its many strands of sound, and then the whole of its impact. The eight tracks flicker briefly alive, share their private melody and moody tone, then disappear, but not without leaving a mysterious human trace. In an understated manner, and with an ethereal sense of certainty Leimer observes well beyond the personal. By combining vague contemporary influences with weightless ambience he realizes a unique realm where meaning is ever established, then misplaced. In a low spark of imagination somewhere spare piano notes engage in lovely melodic substance. As the slow whorl of intermittent loops bring an imaginative assortment of samples, gentle distortions, and other detailed effects we follow each piece into its gentle space. All manner of digital treatment and interference tug at us from the edges, drawing our attention away from the safe center. As motifs dissolve, overlap and contrast, become lost, found, or blended, texture and atmosphere ascend to become the main medium through which any message is conveyed. Yet somewhere in its vague interior A Figure of Loss offers easy pleasures for the ear. With its subtle, finely focused energies flowing through every moment these dark electronic surroundings are more emotionally considered. We deal with the lies and times that shape our lives, as themes of grief's fellowship grow, and blossom to unexpectedly moving effect. Without music like this the crudeness of reality would make our world unbearable. Its beauty is in the escape it offers into someone else's soul, and Leimer always makes room for any and all who wish to enter.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   23 April 2020

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