Artist: Massergy
Album: Fire Opal

Label: Spotted Peccary
Released: 22 March 2019

Fire Opal Eric Jensen
Most Spacemusic embraces a great range of variables, but for that of the soul. Eric Jensen's work as Massergy is an exception. Unusually uplifting, the seven works on his Fire Opal (70'13") reveal themselves as delightful explorations into the sensation of sound. The mode of this album veers between narration and abstraction. Its allure, a graceful controlled calm, feels softened, then supplemented by moments of intriguing sonic drama. We listen to Fire Opal first with our ears, then again with our heart. The luminous austerity found in its unmoored passages culminate in a spacey synthesized symphony devoid of all gravity. Tones spread out in an ethereal atmosphere, then harden into forged, full-tensile strength. Notes climb slowly above warm electronics, as steely echo guitar plays against the icy pulse of gentle sequencer patterns. As contrast to this album's expansive placid terrain Jensen adds dark tumultuous textures. With the mood bottoming out in dark timbre and questioning chords, the rumbling motion of a lower register penetrates our being - to remind us of a realm much larger than the one in which we live. In our cacophonous times, Massergy's works are a counter programming. His music supports what is best about humanity, while challenging the worst. It asks only to be listened to on its own terms, in one's own time. Fire Opal is an album that implores us to take it easy, and focus on our own healing.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 March 2019

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