Artist: K Leimer
Album: Found Objects

Released: 2 April 2021
Label: Palace of Lights

Found Objects
Technology is at the service of K Leimer's unique imagination. Ideas and impulses are amplified into albums of ambient disposition, as his realizations reason their way through the air and to our ears. His Found Objects (63'51") feels as though we are entering a dream. With its 14 vividly realized reverberant reflections, these elaborate studio concoctions offer a range of thoughts and atmospheres of a character well beyond mere pretty piano music. Well inside, Leimer's hazy harmonic language sinks deeply into laid-back coolness, and connotes a slow-winding, spellbinding Ambient Music. From desolate, darkly, starkly beautiful tracks, to strange vibrational rituals, Found Objects evokes a sense of space - while suggesting a light just beyond the horizon. Moving restlessly between smooth, serene keyboard melodies and dark-inspired experiments in mood, the success of Leimer's many textural experiments does not preclude the occasional foray into the realm of the monumental. When the suspense of haunted memories gives way to something more regal, a mellow fanfare signals a noble stance, and the listener moves into sunlight. Defying the mess of drones rumbling beneath his glowing textures, Leimer shoves notes through grainy digital processing. At first chilly in their blankness, they resolve into vivid states of wordless quietude. Yet, a bit of instinctive brooding cannot hide the sparks within these inventions. Found Objects offers its blissful, uncertain intensity - in the belief that we may carry some of these conclusions into our everyday life.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 April 2021

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