Artist: Darshan Ambient
Album: From Pale Hands to Weary Skies

Released: 12 August 2008
Label: Lotuspike

From Pale Hands to Weary Skies Darshan Ambient
From Pale Hands to Weary Skies (56'50") is bigger than earlier works by Darshan Ambient (aka Michael Allison). His canvas has expanded, and the compositions are ruled by the power of sensual detail. From cloud gentle, elegant soundscapes to ethno-chill filled spaces, the eleven thought cycles are an impressive collection of songs and views from the artist's interior. The music compares very well when played alongside the icy sharpness of Erik Wøllo and ambient chamber music of Tim Story. Reverberant piano chords beneath misty electronic pads provide lovely and contemplative soundscapes while elsewhere clicking synth rhythms sauntering alongside reedy lead lines excite and entice the heart. From Pale Hands to Weary Skies is a synth album that aspires to more. For all its ethereal beauty, sonic texturing and compositional symmetry - it is mystic eastern philosophy that binds this album together. A vitality permeates this music, something echoing the essence of the artist. His emotions are present in this work, not measured out - but flowing.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 August 2008

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