Artist: Dweller at the Threshold
Album: Generation Transmission Illumination

Label: Eurock

Generation Transmission Illumination Dweller At The Threshold
Much of the Electronic Spacemusic genre developed (and to this day thrives) in Europe. Inspired by this movement, synthesists here in the USA have been making significant world class contributions to the community for many years. Dweller at the Threshold is one of several such groups spread thinly throughout North America. Using elements of the "Berlin School" as a point of departure, DatT has produced a second CD of original electronic excursions. To say that Generation Transmission Illumination simply offers melodies over sequencer patterns would not do justice to their new release. DatT has carefully examined "The Genre" and produced music familiar yet undoubtedly their own. With a keen ear for interesting rhythms, compelling harmonies & melodies plus deep-space textures, DatT consistantly delivers noteworthy and identifiable releases.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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