Artists: Various
Album: Head in the Clouds

Released: 28 September 2020
Label: Fruits de Mer/Strange Fish

Head in the Clouds
Head in the Clouds presents 24 tracks realized by artists under the influence of the Berlin-School of Kosmische Musik. Available as a limited edition double LP + double CD set this anthology will certainly be stimulating to collectors as well as to aficionados of thought-provoking, mind-moving Spacemusic. Loaded with MiniMoogs, Mellotrons and Modulars this release pays tribute to the innovators of the style, and bears witness to the decades of musical wonder they have begotten. Referencing early incarnations of groups such as Can, Jane, Popol Vuh, Harmonia, Ash Ra Tempel, Neu! Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and others the energy of this extensive collection roams from the upbeat of Prog-Rock rhythms to downtempo currents of shivering chills.

An assuredness of tone reflects the theme of each work by Anton Barbeau, Sula Bassana (David Schmidt), Black Tempest (Stephen Bradbury), Blue Lily Commission (Stephen Palmer), Jack Ellister, exedra (Darrall Knight), Helicon Wave (Jochen Oberlack), Jah Buddha (Bob Hedger), The Lost Stoned Pandas (Marc Swordfish & Peter Bingham), Maat Lander (Arkady Fedotov & Ilya Lipkin & Ivan Fedotov), MAC of BIOnighT (Jason Krueger), Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen, Brendan Pollard, Saturn's Ambush, Son of Ohm (L.A. Wijma), Jay Tausig, Trace Imprint (Jon Chinn), Under Golden Canopy (Geoff Puplett & Simon Lewis) and Vibravoid (Christian Koch). From the diffuse formlessness of negative space to densely packed layers of harmony, on to melodies unfurling above mounting sequencer motifs their work encourages the imagination. Happily detained in awe the music washes over us - as we simply revel in its many shades of sound.

The 1970s decade of music is now a world apart from the present day. The identity of this era was believed to have resided in the consciousness of the makers and consumers of this music- a voluntary association of many people, organized under an idea. Head in the Clouds offers all that Spacemusic is known for, and then some. At the heart of every contribution contains the simple desire to follow the course of thought, to transfer a unique atmosphere, mood or story between the the mind of the musician and listener. Full of intellectual power and aesthetic beauty they thrive on the idea of The Universe as a place of possibility and wonder... A realm where the intimate is melded with the epic, in primitive machine beauty.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   1 October 2019

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