Artist: Coyote Oldman
Album: House Made of Dawn

Label: Hearts of Space

House Made of Dawn
Among STAR'S END listeners, the name Coyote Oldman is often thought to be an individual musician. It is actually the duo Barry Stramp and Michael Graham Allen. The latest in their long line of CDs is entitled: House Made Of Dawn, a moving mixture of traditional native flute, custom hybrids and modern technology.

For an album whose basic sources are instruments steeped in the tradition of ancient cultures, a surprisingly wide range of emotions and textures are explored. While one track consists of a simple flute melody seemingly recorded at the bottom of a lost canyon in one take, another has the feel of an eerie soundworld layered, processed and manipulated for weeks in a modern recording studio. House Made Of Dawn is a successful synergy of ancient ways and future days. The music reveals to the listener a new heritage.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END

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