Artist: Jim Cole + Spectral Voices
Album: Innertones

Released: February 2007
Label: Spectral Spiral

Jim Cole + Spectral Voices create intimate Ambient Music by the simplest means. Using only their voices and both natural reverberation and a few electronic effects, this ensemble produces powerful soundscapes drawn from a deep interior silence. The CD Innertones (71'14") compiles six pieces from various points in the evolution of this unique vocal group. Every track has its own character and energy. From joyous and celebratory to minimalistic and ceremonial, Innertones aspires to the highest levels of human expression. The premise of Cole's work comes from the most fundamental of processes, that of breathing. Each singer vocalizes a note in harmony (and in coordination) with their partners in this wondrous sonic experience. Waves of sound resonate beyond the individual parts to create voice-filled ethereal sound structures. Both chilling and glorious, the whistling overtones that characterize this singing style magically materialize in the swirling atmosphere above the sustaining bass and mid-range lines. A fragile apparitional sound, this mystical second tone above the root note comes from just one singer - and provides a deeply profound listening experience. The soft presence of Innertones accesses the innate, yet often untold, gentility of mankind, and speaks of a hope for healing in a world that seems filled with aggression.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 March 2007

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