Artist: Rudy Adrian
Album: Kinetic Flow

Label: Groove

Kinetic Flow Rudy Adrian
Rudy Adrian is primarily known in his native New Zealand through music realized for art exhibitions and planetarium soundtracks. Kinetic Flow - Sequencer Sketches Vol 1 by Rudy Adrian compiles music that transcends its original purpose. The seven tracks that make up Kinetic Flow, while meant to augment a visual presentation, stand strong on their own. Each track is a multi-layered linear tone poem designed to spark the imagination. The overall mood of the album is gentle, embracing and as warm as an analogue synth. Adrian uses sequencer patterns to give each piece energy, key changes to add a sense of motion and evocative lead melodies as a voice upon which to focus. Kinetic Flow is Adrian's own and personal interpretation of the Berlin School. His work clearly demonstrates insight into the craft and art of sequencer based space music.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 July 2000

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