Artist: Klaus Schulze
Album: Kontinuum

Released: 11 June 2007
Label: SPV

With Kontinuum (76'22"), Klaus Schulze attracts new fans while holding old ones. His early works of the 1970s summon a mysterious cosmic energy - emanating from the nexus of technology and thought. With new instruments and works came a new way of listening and the construct of music began to dematerialize into a heightened inexpressible experience. Showing maturity and confidence Kontinuum finds Schulze retreating back to his stripped down kosmisch sound. This release explores the fascinating and inexhaustible sequencer music of a classic era. As the three pieces form, climb and sustain, listeners are pulled into a highly distinctive dreamscape. Tone patterns weave and collide as solo synth lines dance above. Synthetic strings draw long lines across a cool digital plane. Schulze is at home in this endlessly inventive genre. The old adage, "in youth we learn, in age we understand", suggests we have much more left to hear from this robust musician.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 December 2007

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