Artist: Redshift
Album: Last

Released: 13 October 2007
Label: Distant Sun

There is presently nothing out there to match the power of Redshift. Starting from the groundbreaking Phaedra, their music traces an unbroken line across 30 years of innovative spacemusic. The live album Last (65'44") contains all the mad poetry and quiet drama one has come to expect from this group's endeavors. From space-eating atonal sound collage to excruciatingly intricate sequencer manipulations, there is nowhere for the listener to hide in this music. Founding member Mark Shreeve provides the power and direction. His hands-on, on-the-fly, in-the-moment approach to performance runs opposite to the safe digital concerts of the laptop generation. His music really breathes, and sometimes pants, as the musicians meld together into a potent sonic force - which is at the foundation of this mode of expression. With faithfulness to the soul, form, content and passion of the original, Redshift is extending beyond the vision of its inspirators.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 December 2007

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