Artist: Paul Ellis
Album: The Last Hiding Place of Beauty

Released: Spring 2009
Label: Groove Unlimited

The Last Hiding Place of Beauty
Is Electronic Music an Art or a Science? Paul Ellis will tell you that it is both. While realized using machines his CD The Last Hiding Place of Beauty (60'00") is straight out of Ellis' own inner theater - traveling from his mind to ours. This beautifully constructed work includes bold and truly innovative ideas. From relentless sequencer phrases that jump through dramatic key changes and vivid sonic forms rolling to Prog inspired crescendos, to the dreamy inwardness of an adagio for Mellotron and synth; The Last Hiding Place of Beauty lingers on exquisite instrumental detail without halting the music's momentum. By combining equal portions of Classical, Ambient and Spacemusic with smart synth and acoustic instrumental arrangements - Ellis' synthesized orchestra yields a most listenable art. Knowing that the imaginary lines of genre are only there to be crossed Paul Ellis demonstrates a sense of ease and adventure that comes with longevity.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 June 2009

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