Artist: Jeff Pearce
Album: Lingering Light

Released: 25 August 2005
Label: self-released

Lingering Light
When Jeff Pearce picked up the Chapman Stick, he wanted his new instrument to lead to new music. The album Lingering Light (44'25") came out of this undertaking. With a minimal amount of processing gear, the pieces become more contained and direct than on previous albums. Even with a reduced sonic palette, Pearce is able to evoke a range of mood and temperament. Employing the two-handed tapping technique associated with touch guitar, the left hand plays a pre-arranged chord structure while the right improvises a melody, much like a standard piano is played. Listeners familiar with the Stick and its more flamboyant players will have been exposed to the impressive speed and astounding bombardment of notes produced by this field's virtuosic musicians. As with all of Pearce's music, the compositions on Lingering Light are paced for contemplation. The result is the difference between an auctioneer's rant and a calming spoken haiku. More is communicated with less.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 October 2005