Artist: Ian Boddy
Album: Liverdelphia

Released: 21 May 2013
Label: DiN

Liverdelphia Ian Boddy
One might ask, what the heck is a Liverdelphia? Good question! Some will answer that it is a live album by UK synthesist Ian Boddy compiling and consolidating his Autumn 2012 concert dates at Capstone Theater in Liverpool, and The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia. Others will say that Liverdelphia (75'22") is a musical voyage of conflicting musical concepts brought into a fragile harmony. After many years of playing at live events Ian Boddy's idea behind performing concerts is now about bringing his meticulous studio sensibilities out before the public, where the energy of the performance space and the spontaneity of the moment may move his already advanced skills into a higher realm. It is also a wonderful way for Boddy to come into contact with people who love Spacemusic, and feel their support and enthusiasm. Liverdelphia possesses all the magic and sense of adventure possible for a live album to evoke. It contains an impressive range of tones, voices, subject matter and forms. Not one of these nine tracks is less than perfect. The bright spots are incandescent, fairly vibrating with new energy. Yet sometimes it dwells in only a blankness, with each sound bleeding into its background - giving the amorphous sections the feel of a precisely executed abstraction. In his music Boddy has always dared to embrace complexity, and the idea density of Liverdelphia is impressive (25% from Liverpool and 75% from Philadelphia). Each piece is imbued with vague cosmic mystery as well as arithmetic solidity. Sequences run on a bass line and a counter line above, echoing through elaborate key changes as a spaceship might dodge asteroids. Powered by inventive stutter-step drumming the programmed patterns marshal somber melodic synth leads and the smoky data poetry of electronic ambiance. Boddy's willingness to linger on moments of great intensity result in areas of both strange modulations and the majestic procession of ethereal choirs and synthesized strings. On this CD we hear Boddy maintaining his unique musical energy all the while reaching toward new ambitions. Liverdelphia shows us the difference between a studio creation and a witnessed event. The overall effect will no doubt leave listeners charmed but not quite sated, and consulting their calendars for the next Ian Boddy concert - so that they may experience the power of this music first hand.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 April 2013

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