Artist: Uma
Album: Meeting Unknown

Released: 4 June 2012
Label: self-released

Meeting Unknown Uma
Meeting Unknown (43'54"), the third CD by Estonian duo Uma, aspires to the same ethereal realms as more overtly "electronic" albums. Aleksi Saks (trumpet) and Robert Jüjendal (guitar), along with a few guest musicians, allow for a vast range of expressions over a solid and consistent six tracks. The plot of this album cannot be described in any way that is as interesting as it is to experience. Both lead players exhibit a sophisticated sensibility in the sounding of their instruments and in producing the overarching atmosphere which is found on Meeting Unknown. Saks' beautiful horn, either slowly cool through luxurious reverb or impassioned against low electro-grooves, provides a compelling narrative. Jüjendal's guitar will snake through candy apple e-bow melodies, then just as easily sound something like a harp as it is plucked and softly strummed. Tones of the trumpet moving in parallel intervals, looped guitar textures and various imaginative manipulations of sound are the electronic part of this work. But with its lilting piano notes, heavenly vocalize and dramatically dropped percussion loops Meeting Unknown takes flight in remarkable ways beyond that of more common synthesizer albums. From enchantingly dreamy and ceremonial to the climactic heated duet of the last track, Uma makes music of extraordinary beauty and drama. Theirs is a shared quest to stand always for personal authenticity... an enduring work.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 June 2012

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