Artist: Lisa Bella Donna
Album: Moogmentum

Released: 21 August 2021
Label: Behind the Sky Music

Moogmentum Lisa Bella Donna
Oh were it true that our times moved with musicians like Lisa Bella Donna. This unremitting expressive force has for decades been delivering substantial, forward-thinking work to our ears - for the betterment of the world. Moogmentum (42'19") presents yet another success in expressive power. Sounding fully invested in making its own kind of magic in its own time this album brings motivic vigor and formal control to an eclectic vision. Across 42 minutes of sonic expression this album remains so engaging, so pure in belief, that we cannot help but follow along on this irresistible electronic journey. A direct and unforced, thoughtful work Moogmentum feels like this performer has no limit - employing various playing styles and devices right up to the edge of the mainstream realm. Extroverted with prominent rhythms and melodic hooks, and occasional inklings of Prog-Rock and Jazz acuity, Moogmentum comes off sounding perfect and effortless. Tones float and contend for the front row. Numinous and changeable as clouds, night-blooming notes execute serpentine solos in vacant space. Building tension through the subtle heightening of texture the tightly patterned compositions burn with halogen-bright synth chords - a harmonic exposition at electrical speeds. From the densely composed and brilliantly colored to something more quietly ecstatic the 12 tracks are rendered with intense intimacy. Please listen closely, because there is a great deal of life contained within each.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 19 August 2021

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