Artist: Johan Agebjörn
Album: Mossebo

Released: 9 September 2008
Label: Lotuspike

Mossebo Johan Agebjšrn
Music better transmits the complexity of human feelings and emotions than words do. Electronica artist Johan Agebjörn knows this, yet on Mossebo (59'20") incorporates plenty of vocals into his work - but almost no words. The first instrument (the human voice) goes well with the newest instrument (the synthesizer) and on this CD combine to create a fascinating range of texture and atmosphere. Moving between that which is lovely and warm and the icy sharpness of a frostbound digital world, Agebjörn produces Ambient Music informed by Techno ambitions - with the intimacy of the former and the energy of the latter. Strutting basslines, cascading electronic tones and the psychic noise of the world combine in 11 tracks, each more a thought cycle than a song. Patterned over both time and space Agebjörn's talents generate bewitching melodies, breathy vocalizations and drum machine beats unwinding in beautiful bright logic, as easily as synthetic tone poems which devour dark static durations. An album where Contemporary Instrumental wanders into Space, and IDM crosses into New Age, Mossebo is the rare find that combines its disparate elements into something bigger than the sum of its parts.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 September 2008

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