Artist: Caterina Barbieri
Album: Myuthafoo

Label: Light Years
Released: 16 June 2023

Myuthafoo Caterina Barbieri
Electronic Music, which seems to have as many interpretations as it has listeners, appeals most to those of us from the empire of imagination, storytelling and myth-making. Encountering the superb sonic splendor of Myuthafoo (32'17") by Caterina Barbieri will certainly lead to images forming within our thoughts and pleasure running through our bones. The sister album to Ecstatic Computation (2019), Myuthafoo offers another six tracks of music that is always alive, always evolving, just like the remarkable young talent that has realized this release. The plotting is tight and the pacing never falters. Every dynamic progression elicits a new impression through a rise and fall, ebb and flow, or expansion and contraction in this defiant message of hope. Earthbound and stargazing, then climbing in kinetic confidence, this spellbinding work ascends cleanly from sky shy radiance to powered scales of sequencer bliss - its flow held together by a deeply felt comprehension of technology's human source. A masterpiece of construction, interlocking arpeggio patterns overlap in tumbling scenes of forward motion - while further in, nuanced epiphanies generate a wealth of flex and quirks. Brilliantly imagined, we are beckoned to enter a magical realm of wires and circuits, timbres, tones and electrical current - conjured all by the power plant of a most creative mortal mind.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 October 2023

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