Artist: Softbase
Album: Of Its Time

Released: 9 October 2020
Label: self-released

Of Its Time Peter Ruczynski
Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must make music. Best known as a member of the trio AirSculpture, Peter Ruczynski explores the propensity of the individual with Softbase, a solo project allowing him to realize works completely of his own vision. The album Of Its Time (44:11) presents seven manifestations of a continually blooming mind. A skillful Electronic Musician Ruczynski knows well how to generate unique tones and textures, but also how to keep his electronic stories moving. Ranging in feel from a low gentle expansion on up to kinetic head nodding this release attains a friendly, pleasant consonance throughout. The player's practiced sense of composition conveys his interiority, just as his prowess with purring oscillators and resonating filters allows him to expose and flavor the sonic space we occupy. His compositions register as propositions of certain principles - chiefly, openness and clarity. The gentile atmosphere, nuanced inflections and tonal clarity will be found enchanting - and enhancing to the mystical landscapes of the mind. Of Its Time also achieves a more mechanical feel. As concentric bands of sequencer patterns emerge and establish themselves the electronic pulsing and echoing form a kinetic glow of metrical forms - which push through different levels and phases in a most imaginative way. Further on, Ruczynski demonstrates the deeper continuities of abstraction - and the energies released in reductive forms. With the delicacy of a miniaturist he administers fitting samples here and there, and adds to the album's sonic diversity. Yet, with its recurring synthesized string motion, harmony and contrast interplay to great effect - as does the stability of consonance along a progressive musical arc. Music means many things to many people, and grants us experiences we otherwise may not have. But the warmth of this music feels like a fragile happiness that has been sought out. Realized through a system of intuition this production is an expression of the self, meant for anyone who may be looking for a star in the night, or maybe something here on the Earth, something completely Of Its Time.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 October 2020

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