Artist: Motionfield
Album: Optical Flow

Released: 11 November 2008
Label: Somnia

Optical Flow
It is hard to be suave and stylish while exploring space - unless you are Motionfield, the musical persona of Petter Friberg. His soft grooving Optical Flow (52'39") CD brings a sultry trip-hop influenced sensibility to the cerebral atmospheres of Ambient Electronica. Each of the eight tracks offers a unique transient intimacy. Friberg's rhythmic talents combine in perfect balance with his ability to arrange simple melodic motifs, deconstructed samples and fluttering modulations into an ingenious synthetic shadowscape. Laconic piano melodies traipse above shuffling electronic percussion riffs with an impression of cloudy ethereality. Metallic drones ringing beneath dense plumes of sound capture the vast silent space and solitude of the inner mind. Some songs seem formed on a whim while others move confidently from beginning to end. On a journey through darkness this restrained work captures the audience psychology. Optical Flow is so relaxing and seductive, recalling the music on this disc is like trying to remember a dream.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 December 2008

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