Various Artists
Album: Perceived Distances

Released: April 2008
Label: Blue Oasis

Perceived Distances
Perceived Distances (78'08") is an anthology CD that represents the Ambient aesthetic of the Blue Oasis label. Works by Saul Stokes and Kwook express the more energetic side of this concern. With ear-friendly melodies and thought-pushing beats their tracks are wonderful jaunts across a diverse digital terrain. Other tracks on this collection exemplify explorations of tone in the broadest sense of the word. Through fascinating variations in timbre and texture music by the likes of The Circular Ruins, Off the Sky and Cymphonic produce a range of moody impressions and time-stretching atmospheres. These artists understand that negative space is much more than merely the area between two positive points. Subtle digital distortion, voices and noises imbue some of these realizations with a kind of environmental feel. In contrast, other tracks are full of air and light, and offer drifting moods at cosmic heights. As a collection, Perceived Distances works very well. It brings together 15 interesting musicians. By provoking the listener to reflection, it works even better as a statement on the genre - proclaiming the power of this music to be greater than the individual.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 July 2008

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