Artist: Free System Projekt
Album: Procyon

Released: 11 February 2009
Label: MusicZeit

Small spaces may be filled easily with vivid color. Free System Projekt knows that vast expanses must be filled by the imagination of the beholder. Their live recording Procyon (61'33") begins with the smallest of writhing sounds which manages to conjure up a limitless cosmos. Entry of a melodic Mellotron flute solo provides a sense of wandering - and as a phase-shifted synth pad duets with Mellotron strings the music takes instant and utter possession of the listener. Out of the building and modulating chords rises a rather commanding sequencer pattern. Cascading tones bounce through a flow of minor key echoing cycles. With the live audience trapped inside the tempo of the piece the musical arc extends across the space just created. This music is about both an appreciation of sound as well as the relationships between the sounds. The works of Free System Projekt are something less than musical yet much more than pure free-form experimentation. By bringing together the idea of reiteration drawn from minimalism, concepts of sonic exploration from the avant-garde and the tone poem form of symphonic music they realize an engaging Spacemusic as well as the arousal of a special emotional resonance within the listener.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   5 August 2009

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