Artist: Scott August
Album:Radiant Sky

Released: 16 February 2010
Label: Cedar Mesa

Radiant Sky Scott August
Upon listening to the first track on Radiant Sky (59'38") one might imagine that this was something inadvertently left off of a Patrick O'Hearn album. But as the CD plays on we hear the author Scott August move from the opening piece's spacious drones, breathing guitar and dramatic combining of grand piano with grave percussive rumbling to a more expansive musical palette. It turns out that this music's decisive element is the Native American flute - and is prominently featured on just about every track. There is also present a fair amount of lush synthesizer tones, exotic percussion and steely acoustic guitar, but it is August's flute playing that leads the listener to Radiant Sky's beautiful reality. From reverberant ceremonial soloing, to fuller, radiantly colored instrumentals, these ten compositions have the ability to, in some places evoke stillness, while in others offer heart-pumping inspiration. But August mostly keeps this a quiet work written in simple strokes - and the world of Contemporary Instrumental music is all the better for it.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   23 June 2011

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