Artist: Radio Massacre International
Album: Republic

Label: Centaur Discs Ltd Ltd

Republic RMI
Recently, I've been reading about Republic on the Spacemusic E-Mail List. It seems that there is little information available about this latest release by RMI. Many list members have been asking questions about what Republic sounds like. You as STAR'S END listeners will have the opportunity to check out Republic first hand for yourselves. Just tune in this Saturday night at 1am. I'm sure you'll agree that hearing the music is much better than reading about it.

Republic is the second CD release by this trio (Steve Dinsdale, Duncan Goddard and Gary Houghton) who have performed live on many occasions (MTV Chill Out Zone UK, EMMA Festival '95 and Jordell Bank Planetarium/Radio Observatory).

Republic consists of three lengthy tracks, each around 20 minutes or more. You heard track three last week (the title track) at 3:00am on STAR'S END. On Republic RMI is in top form. I would say that this is their most accomplished work to date. As a point of reference, RMI's style follows in the tradition laid down by Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig and Klaus Schulze in the early to mid '70s; lengthy, atmospheric, dense compositions owing much to the inspiration of the moment during live improvisation.

The tracks on Republic appear to be actual evolving, planned out compositions rather than mere edits of jam sessions and are truly evocative of the now classic Teutonic style right down to the Mellotron pads, analogue sequencer patterns and fluid guitar leads. The vintage sound of Republic fits in very well on STAR'S END!

Each of the three pieces begins with a drifty, floating section followed by Mellotron washes and/or electric guitar solos over intricately crafted sequencer patterns, giving way then to a dramatic closing section. The whole experience is very cinematic in that while listening one can easily visualize any number of possibilities.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 November 1996