Artist: Glenn Main
Album: Ripples

Released: June 2012
Label: AD Music

Ripples Glenn Main
Glenn Main is truly a player working in a player's medium. His musical influences include many of the greats, including Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro and especially Jean-Michel Jarre. The fourth release by Glenn Main is Ripples (58'42") and will sit on the shelf quite respectably next to any album by the aforementioned as well as any by those of his contemporaries, Robert Fox, Paul Lawler and David Wright. From his studio in Olso, Norway Glenn Main realizes electronic music in a particular contemporary instrumental style. There is an affirming energy present in all of his compositions. With plenty of lilting melodies, pleasant harmonies and bouncing rhythms Ripples has drive and pulse without ever producing the overwrought sensations of more experimental and challenging music. Moving across 12 focused and intelligently arranged tracks, Ripples alternately floats, pushes and pulls the listener through an interesting sonic terrain of warm synthesized chords, catchy lead lines and soft electro-rhythms. Flute sounds evoke tenderness while in another more upbeat area full-bodied synth tones command heroic themes. Later, reverberant piano notes interact crisply with echoing shakuhachi chiffs, both hovering above a warm beat and bass line. As songs wondrously change one into the next the mind of the listener is drawn along the arc of a unique musical story. Ripples just about controls our heartbeat - through its obvious romance with sound, as well as with its nuanced secret depths.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   10 January 2013

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