Artist: Jeff Pearce
Album: To The Shores Of Heaven

Label: Hypnos

To The Shores of Heaven   Jeff Pearce
Jeff Pearce uses his electric guitar and outboard processing gear to conjure up awe inspiring sonic landscapes, consistently demonstrating confidence and a seasoned command of instrument and technology. His CD, To the Shores of Heaven, is a successful and enduring album filled with the mystery and grandeur that first drew him to the genre. A master of the soundscape guitar, Pearce is enabled by insight gained through years of commitment, contemplation and experimentation. By blending technology, spirit and craft Pearce has earned the respect of his peers and the admiration of his audience.

On To the Shores of Heaven, Pearce presents definitive studio versions of pieces first unveiled live at his 6 March 1999 performance at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia. The music is compelling, honest and emotional. Slow melodies glide in the ether above the shifting chord motion below. Complex timbres resolve with sobering dignity. The listener is left with a sense of wonder, pondering eternal truths... Can this musical manifestation be an inkling of, after a lifetime of navigating the rough waters of mortality, arriving at and being welcomed To the Shores of Heaven?

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END