Artist: Pete Namlook
Album: Silence V

Label: Fax

Silence V
Pete Namlook explores the more gentle aspects of electronic music through his Silence series of releases. On Silence V, this prolific artist presents five seperate tracks of slow moving, soothing, introspective music without descending to the depths associated with more settled new age stereotypes. Attentive listening reveals mellow guitar leads, soft vocalize melodies, field recordings, spoken word, some kind of mutated wind instrument and well placed ethnic and electronic percussion - all framed by benevolent synth pads and washes. Silence V is arranged quite well too. Some pieces conclude in a much different state than where they began while others just drift mildly on the horizon.

This album's electronic origins are evident, but Pete Namlook successfully designs ambient music that is without the tension or otherworldliness that is associated with this genre. Silence V is more human than humanoid, more terran than extra-terrestrial, dealing more with nature than the supernatural.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 June 2001