Artist: Erik Wøllo
Album: Silent Currents

Released: 13 September 2011
Label: Projekt

Silent Currents Erik Wollo
Over the years STAR'S END has hosted many live to air concerts, usually with artists fresh from The Gatherings Concert Series stage. The act of playing a second more intimate concert after a public event provides a sense of summation to a powerful experience. But the unique radio venue also offers musicians a space for discovery, as they turn from focused music for The Gatherings community to atmospheres for an audience each in their own dream space. Erik Wøllo enthusiastically embraces this idea, using his on-air concerts to explore moods and zones only found in the late hour and unconventional situation. With each amazing performance in Philadelphia his art advances. Every outing seems to raise the music to a new plateau. There is an interesting energy arcing through Silent Currents. During his STAR'S END sessions Erik descends into himself, realizing music completely in the moment. The resulting new works are wonderful expressions of ambience, texture and this artist's potent sense of drama - as Erik Wøllo creates space, then fills it with ever evolving sound.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 July 2011

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