Artist: Ken Camden
Album: Space Mirror

Released: 29 July 2013
Label: Kranky Records

Space Mirror Ken Camden
The track that opens Space Mirror (40'41") really sets an interesting tone. Here guitarist Ken Camden provides a focused friendly piece made of synthesizer droplets bouncing and echoing - the arpeggio chord supporting snaking guitar leads along soaring arches of melody. Sounding something like Richard Pinhas or Robert Fripp in days of yore, idyll floats on an infinite grid and the listener cuts away to the world of ideas - opening a space for contemplation. The warp-out conclusion of this piece ends the mood, and from here on out the album moves into less kinetic and more searching zones. Layering sweetly distorted guitar notes into a fluctuating drone Camden's buzzing dream factory leads become more an insistent force. This music possesses a rare textured density; unusual compared to the flattened spaces of digital. Fans of Rock music will find Space Mirror relaxing, while those of the Ambient/Spacemusic world will know it as innovative, fully realized and asking for our attention, as it finds completion in the mind of the listener.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 December 2013

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